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    Dr. Sarika Nair

    Award Winning Dietitian & Nutritionist, Health Columnist ,Mumbai
    Founder of Slim N happy
    Diet & Lifestyle Consultant

    Blogger Slim N Happy- “Top 100 diet blogs on the Planet”.

    Dale Carneige Trainer

    Awarded as the “Most promising, upcoming dietitian in Mumbai” by International Healthcare Awards 2017

    Being a Dietitian & Lifestyle Consultant, most often I am asked questions on Rice makes you Fat. So I thought let me share my views on Rice first.

    Being a Dietitian & Lifestyle Consultant, most often I am asked question on “Does eating rice make you fat?”

    • Energy as it is high in carbo hydrates
    • Rich in vitamin B

    I usually shop in metro retail in Mumbai. It was one if those days when my brand was missing and I was introduced to Zeeba Basmati Rice.

    My family is found of different rice recipes and yes you heard it right, I love cooking for them.

    Being a dietitian and a weight loss expert, I would like to quote that “Rice is not fattening nor unhealthy” in fact Basmati rice has low glycaemic index and more fiber than plain white rice. All you need to do is drained the starch out when cooking.

    I cooked a vegetable biryani using Zeeba Basmati 1121 extra-long grain rice and my experience was indeed overwhelming as.

    • 1. Easy to cook.
    • 2. Pleasant aroma and superlative grain length.

    The pack says you must cover it for 10 minutes for better length and fluff. I followed two instruction and the result was a visual delight on my plate.

    My whole family enjoyed remain endeavour all prays for this delectable and enticing rice.

    I would rate it 8/10 and definitely recommend to my clients.

    Definitely Must Buy
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