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    Shobit Jaiswal, Mumbai

    Notable Story & Screenplay Writer/Short film Director in the Indian Television Industry. In Span of 18 years, he wrote more than 30 Shows to his credits. Some of his leading shows are

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      Punar Vivah
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      Main laxmi tere Angann ki
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      Ek duje ke waaste
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      KaranSangini & KKusum

    Hello Readers; I am Shobit Jaiswal a Story & Screenplay writer in Indian Television Industry. My work tends to make me sit at one place for long hours, but it definitely doesn’t stop me from keeping fit and healthy. Most often I have heard that rice is fat, let me tell you it’s not. Rice is quick energy source and a good source of fibre too. It is also known to be an excellent source of vitamins and minerals. So don’t shy away from eating rice it’s the portion size and time of day you need to worry about.

    Talking about Rice, we have been reading and seeing how basmati exports are rising high each year, what’s imported to the world is local to us. So why should we ignore this fact and neglect what mother nature has bestowed us with as a local produce. I believe eating local is always healthy. My forefathers were into farming and I hail from that background which keeps me grounded. I know my soil and my roots. Rice is our staple diet and part of balanced diet too. So stop worrying about including it in your food.

    I was introduced to Zeeba by one of my friends and what made me its fan was purity, quality and the price. Coming from the background in farming ;its easier for me to recognize purity of a product especially Rice. And I must say Zeeba Basmati came across as a correctly priced , pure and good quality brand.

    I and my wife both love cooking and this is how we both would rate it as.

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      Ease of Cooking
    • 5 star
    • 4 star

    Cooking/Texture-fluffy and soft, white grains

    Must Buy
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    Koral Das Gupta, Mumbai

    Author, Academic, art patron
    and columnist.

    Founder of #tellmeyourstory

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    • Rasia-The Dance of Desire
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    Being a Bengali, it’s my soul and comfort food. I served Zeeba Basmati at a party at my husband’s friend house. After a long time I came across rice that tasted and looked good too. Though there was a spread of White Rice and Biryani both. I was fixed on White rice and took multiple rounds. I am sure you would agree that there is no comparison to the White Rice if the quality is good indeed.

    I just couldn’t help myself inquiring about the brand and our host were courteous enough to hand me a pack to try it at home. That’s how my story with Zeeba started. Being writer I tend to initiate my bonding or associations with all little and big things in life. And food is one of the things, I am very particular about.

    Residing in Mumbai gives me an access to good quality fresh fish. I am an ardent fan of quintessential Machher Dal Bhaat Jhol , traditional Bengali Fish Stew with lentils and White Rice. So I kept the recipe original and classic with onion, garlic and spices but have to admit that if your rice is perfect then it just makes the whole recipe and meal taste so delicious and worthy of the effort.

    All I can say is Happiness is a Bowl of Zeeba Basmati Rice. Must Try.